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Re: Nov 19 draft of voting amendment


Branden Robinson:
> I think Anthony may be trying to leave that to the discretion of the
> person preparing the ballot (the Project Secretary).
> If so, I disagree with that.  I think we should mandate that ballots
> must permit appication of the same rank to multiple options.
I agree.

> > >      "RATIONALE": Voters should rank the options they prefer in the
> > >      order that they prefer them, ranking the default option higher
> > >      than any options they believe are unacceptable. If they believe
> > >      the current situation is superior to any of the proposed changes,
> > >      they should propose or second an amendment that simply preserves
> > >      the status-quo, and only rank options they find unacceptable below
> > >      the default option.
> > > 
> > s/amendment/option/ ?
> No, voters propose General Resolutions and amendments thereto, not
> ballot options per se.

It doesn't make much sense to add an amendment which states that nothing
changes, i.e. that there's no amendment.  ;-)

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