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Re: Nov 19 draft of voting amendment

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 11:58:35AM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> As before, if there are any flaws in my thinking or in my presentation,
> ______________________________________________________________________
>   A.6 Vote Counting
>     1. Each voter's ballot ranks the options being voted on in the order
>        specified by the voter.  If the voter does not rank some options,
>        this means that the voter prefers all ranked options over the
>        unlisted options.  Any options unranked by the voter are treated
>        as being equal to all other unranked options.
>     2. We drop the weakest defeats from the Schwartz set until there
>        are no more defeats in the Schwartz set:

IMO this "Schwarz set" jargon just comes out of the blue here and is
likely going to be sort of jarring to the uninitiated.  I think a
sentence or so of preamble to thie clause would be a good idea.

Here's my suggestion:

  We use the Condorcet voting method with Cloneproof Schwartz Sequential
  Dropping, along with modifications to accomodate quorum and
  supermajority requirements, described below.  We determine possible
  winning options by constructing a Schwartz set; we then drop the weakest
  defeats from the Schwartz set until there are no more defeats in the
  Schwartz set.

(I think it is good, but not essential, to credit our system's origins.)

>          i. A defeat (R,S) is dropped by making N(S,R) the same as N(R,S).
>             Once a defeat is dropped it must stay dropped.

Replace second sentence:

  Once a defeat is dropped from the Schwartz set it is never re-added.

>     3. The winning option is picked from among the options T in the
>        final Schwartz set where N(T,X) is larger than the quorum Q and
>        X is the default option.  If there is no quorum, or if no quorum
>        has been specified, Q is 1.  If there's more than one option to

(really minor stylistic annoying nitpcik ) s/there's/there is/

>        pick, from, the person with the casting vote picks the winner

The first comma is extraneous.

>        from these options.  If there's no options to pick from, the

s/there's/there are/

>        default option wins.

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