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Re: voting mechanics draft update


Branden Robinson:
> It is not possible for to express a lack of preference among multiple
> options simultaneously with a preference for any of those multiple
> options over another option?
False (in general).

> Is my understanding correct?
That depends on how you arrange the voting process. The Concordet system
has no problem at all with giving the same preference to more than one
option, but you have to set the vote up in such a way that this is

If you say "write down the names of the candidates in the order in which
you prefer them", you eliminate that possibility (as well as voters who
can't spell ;-).  But you could use a

[2] A
[3] B
[1] C
[2] D

vote, i.e. fill-in-the-ranking-number. Or you could allow the voter to
indicate equal preference by placing a "|" sign between the options which
they rank equal. Or ...

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