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Re: Another proposal.


Clinton Mead:
> Then Anthony Towns wrote:
>  > But it's exactly what we're trying to achieve with the supermajority
>  > requirement, isn't it? Allowing voters to vote strategically so as to
>  > knock out candidates they don't like?
> Personally, I think election methods that encourage and reward strategy 
> (i.e. insencere voting and candidates) are broken and something to 
> avoid, but thats for people to decide.
Anthony did NOT mean "insincere voting" when he used the wird 'strategy',
he meant "express complex preferences".

"Insincere voting" means that you write something onto your ballot which
differs from the result you would like to see. We are talking here
precisely because we want a voting method which allows the voter to be
sincere _and_ to express complex preferences (otherwise we could use
Approval voting, that'd be _much_ easier to talk about ;-).

So please, everybody, avoid the word "strategy" in this discussion -- it
leads to major misunderstandings.

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