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Re: Another proposal.

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 12:34:11AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> But we're stuck with supermajority and quorum requirements for the
> moment because the current Constitution mandates them; Ian Jackson wrote
> it that way and apparently no one foresaw the difficulties they would
> cause our voting system.

We're not stuck with them, and they don't cause any difficulties with the
voting system. It's trivial to do an approval vote to determine supermajority
support as well as a Condorcet vote to choose between alternatives. You can
do it either on a single ballot:

	[ 1 ] [ Y ] Remove non-free
	[ 2 ] [ Y ] Limit non-free to doc packages only
	[ 3 ]       Move non-free to non-free.debian.org
	[ 4 ]       Further discussion

or you can have two separate ballots, the first to decide which alternative
is preferred, the second to ensure the preferred alternative has supermajority

	[ 1 ] Remove non-free
	[ 2 ] Limit non-free to doc packages only
	[ 3 ] Move non-free to non-free.debian.org
	[ 4 ] Further discussion

	[ 1 ] YES
	[ 2 ] NO
	[ 3 ] Further discussion

Note that you can always do something like:

	[ 1 ] [ N ] Remove non-free

in that sort of voting system if your sincere preference is towards doing
nothing, but you're worried that "limit non-free to doc packages only"
might have a chance of passing whereas removing it completely won't.

The use of the default option to handle supermajorities is intended to
be decisive, fairly intuitive, and simple to manage, as compared to the
above mechanisms, which are supported by the constitution as it stands.

Supermajorities are there to ensure the project stays true to its
goals. If you aren't interested in those goals, you have the option of
either convincing all but a fringe minority that your goals are better,
or of starting your own project.


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