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Re: Request for comments [voting amendment]

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 08:16:40AM +0100, Jochen Voss wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 06:03:54PM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> >     4. If an option has a supermajority requirement, that option must
> >        defeat the default option by the ratio of votes specified in the
> >        quorum requirement or the option is eliminated.
>          ^^^^^^
>        is this correct?
> I guess the term "quorum" should be replaced by a second
> "supermajority", shouldn't it?

Probably.  (Raul?  Anthony?)

Must a supermajority-required option directly defeat the default option
by this margin?  What happens if the supermajority-required option only
transitively defeats the default option?  How do we numerically define
the margin of the defeat?

I am concerned about the introduction of supermajority requirements
introducing an opportunity for strategic voting into our system
that Cloneproof SSD/Concorcet doesn't otherwise possess.

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