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Re: General Resolution draft against spam.

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  Santiago> My points is that posting to a mailing list should be a
>  Santiago> privilege, not a "right".
> 	I strongly disagree. We are vendors who provide an OS. I know
>  we do not treat users as customers, but being a debian user is not a
>  privilege.

Of course not, and I never said otherwise.

> 	You treat your users and developers like dirt, telling them
>  that working on improving debian is a privilege,

I never said such thing.

I just suggested that we could stop spam completely if we could perform
several simple checks to the messages before accepting them.

Requiring posts to come from a valid email address could be one of
such checks. We already did that in the past, and it's not treating
our users like dirt.

Requiring posts to have a specific header could be another check.
I believe it should be completely trivial for you to do such thing in
your particular case.

Posts would not be required to pass every check, only one of them.

You seem to care very much about one side of the problem and very few
about the other side of the problem. What about the spam in the lists?
Isn't sending our users (the ones who are subscribed to our lists, I mean)
so much spam email treating them like dirt?

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