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Re: General Resolution draft against spam.

>>"Sven" == Sven Luther <luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> writes:

 Sven>   To avoid spam in debian lists:

 Sven>   - Being able to post is a privilege, not a right. The natural way of
 Sven>   obtaining this privilege, for so called "open" lists, is by
 Sven>   subscribing
 Sven>   to them and using the same address in the From: field, or by using
 Sven>   an email addresses which has been previously subscribed to a special
 Sven>   white list.

	That would preclude gettting mail from me, and people with
 similar mail setups as mine. My subscribe address is a mail bounce
 address, which remains constant, as I move. My Outbound address
 reflects th current ISP arrangement.

 Sven>   No other mail will reach the lists until it's approved by a moderator
 Sven>   If there are no moderators for a given list, these mails will go to
 Sven>   /dev/null (so to speak).

	More work, and also delays, for the innocent.

 Sven> This was the last item of the proposal, and maybe one of the most
 Sven> strongly objected too, both now and in the past.

 Sven> The debian mailing lists are open, and we want them to stay that way.
 Sven> Using spamassassin on the lists, will lower the quantity of spam a lot
 Sven> (just check your spamassassin cache and count the mail in it, and you
 Sven> will be convinced), and thus satisfy the people wanting this kind of
 Sven> extreme measures.

	Quite. Why not augment spamassassin with content based	filters?


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