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Re: Call for votes for the debian project leader election 2002


>>"Marcelo" == Marcelo E Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org> writes:

 Marcelo>  I'd also appreciate a clarification regarding this,
 Marcelo>  preferably from Manoj himself.  It is my intention to vote
 Marcelo>  that way and this time I'd like my vote to be counted in
 Marcelo>  the way I intended...

	This year we are using a new method of properly determining
 concordcet ballots using the Cloneproof SSD method. The script that
 calculates this is appended below.

	As far as I can see, this script does handle repeated ranking
 (I'm sure I'll be corrected post haste if I have misread the
 script). Mea Culpa. I merely followed the template for ballots from
 previous elections, and did not verify whether the restrictions were

	For the early voters (for the first 23 votes, to be precise),
 there was a glitch; I was surprised by the .forward file not
 accepting shell redirection (which it did for the last years vote);
 the .forward file has been fixed, and no vote was lost (people who
 voted were individually informed about this last night). (At least we
 didn't lose the votes like we did last year).

	I would also like to clarify some issue about the meta
 information about the vote machinery being used for this election.  I
 have put a new mechanism in place for running this and subsequent
 votes. Unfortunately, an complication with wisdom tooth extraction
 robbed me of some of the free time I have had to implement the new
 process, and hence The vote parsing and gpg check scripts are still
 being tested. I expect them to come into production quality in the
 next couple of days, and hence the note that initial acks/nacks would
 come out later in the week. 

	Once these scripts are known good, then they can be run
 periodically out of cron, and acks/nacks would be sent out within one
 cycle of the cron job.

	Your patience while the vote taking machinery gets the kinks
 out is appreciated.


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