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Re: questions: programming and leadership experience

davidw@dedasys.com (David N. Welton) writes:

> 1) How long have you been in the software industry?

One way or another, since about 1979.

I've done enough different kinds of work that it's hard to summarize quickly.
Everything from being a system admin, to building embedded systems hardware 
and software that's now in orbit.

> 2) How much of that time has been dedicated to free software?

As much of it as possible.  :-)

My first programming experiences were in a shared source, community development
environment.  Along the way, I've earned a living writing "secret source"
software at various times.  But during the decade-plus that I spent managing a
computing infrastructure group for HP/Agilent, almost everything interesting
we worked on involved free software, and I was a high-profile advocate for
free software in the company.  My current job is the first time I've been
explicitly paid to work full time on free software.

> 3) How much management experience do you have, in what kinds of
>    environments?

A couple years as general manager of an all-volunteer campus radio station,
nearly 13 years managing a group of engineers and technicians inside HP,
service on the board of directors of several non-profit corporations, founded
a local chapter of an international non-profit organization, past Chairman of 
the Pikes Peak FM Association, past Vice President and board member of Tucson 
Amateur Packet Radio.

> If you have time/feel like it, you might also comment on the relationship 
> of the aforementioned "Real World" with free software projects.

My free software projects all happen in the real world.  :-)

I talked about some of the things that have influenced me in my DPL election
platform last year.  It should be easy enough to find in the debian-vote


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