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questions: programming and leadership experience

I have a few more questions, if you don't mind my prying into your
pasts.  If you don't wish to answer, that's ok.

1) How long have you been in the software industry?  (Doing what kinds
   of work?)

2) How much of that time has been dedicated to free software?

3) How much management experience do you have, in what kinds of

I'm not really interested too much in specifics, just an idea of your
respective experiences in the "Real World".  If you have time/feel
like it, you might also comment on the relationship of the
aforementioned "Real World" with free software projects.  In 500 words
or less - or, as an alternative, "what I did during my summer

David N. Welton
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     Personal: http://www.dedasys.com/davidw/
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   Apache Tcl: http://tcl.apache.org/

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