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Re: Debate announcement and call for votes

bcollins@debian.org (Ben Collins) writes:

> We have tentatively scheduled an IRC Debate for the DPL candidates
> around March 23rd 04:00 UTC. The times for the US work out to:
> (Friday 22nd March)
> US/Pacific          8pm
> US/Mountain         9pm
> US/Central          10pm
> US/Eastern          11pm
> Candidates, please RSVP if these times suit your schedule. It isn't too
> late to change things to work around your schedules.

That time would work for me (I'm in US/Mountain).  I have no objection to 
moving the time to make things easier for Raphael, though.  I'm willing to
start as much as 4 hours later on the same day, but that would make it very
late for Branden, I think.  Moving it enough earlier to not conflict with 
sleep times in .fr would put it into my working day on Friday, when I expect 
to be in meetings and probably not available.


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