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Re: diplomacy, courtesy, and all that good stuff

On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 01:12, Branden Robinson wrote:
> It's never fun when a candidate has to go on the defensive, but in an
> effort to combat some of the FUD that a few people keep falling back
> upon about my colorful(?) personality, and to provide evidence
> supporting my assertions that I'm perfectly capable of dealing with
> people in a calm and polite manner, I thought I'd post some emails that
> I've sent in my capacity as SPI Treasurer over the past few months.
> (Plus one mail I received.)

If any additional references to character are needed:

Not only do I work with Branden at Progeny, but we shared an office for
a while.  I managed to not only survive the ordeal, but also maintained
my employment, and we are still friends (at least, I think so :-).  I
have also learned a great deal from him - the virtues of StegFS being
not the least of those lessons. :-)

I have absolutely zero qualms about Branden's tempermental fitness for
the position should he be elected.

And no, he didn't ask me to post this.

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