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Re: Question regarding Raphael's platform

This isn't really relevant to the voting process, but...

This one time, at band camp, Ben Collins wrote:

>As it is now, developers have to go to 10 different places to get all
>the info they need. I'd love to login to people.debian.org, get my
>custom home page.
>- See new bugs since the last time I logged in.
>- Categorize them, respond to them.
>- Change information about them (severity, status, tags).
>- See what architectures have built my last upload of the foobardicator
>  package.
>  - Check the logs for failed builds.
>  - Active a binary-only recompile.
>  - Add trackers for other packages, that my package may depend on.
>  - See the status of the package I uploaded in incoming (accepted, new,
>    rejected, installed).
>    - Get important announcements via web notes.

As soon as I became a new maintainer, I put up
http://people.debian.org/~jaq/portal.html, where I keep a track of useful
URLs that get posted to the lists.  I've been thinking of rewriting it so
that all developers may use it as a quick portal to their own bugs and

I've also been thinking about the imminent debian corba stuff, and how great
that would be to do more integration.

Anyway, I'll save any more discussion for another time.

jaq@spacepants.org                           http://spacepants.org/jaq.gpg
N race conditions on the wall, N race conditions.  You take one down,
pass it around, and wait.  And wait some more.
        -- Bytor in #tribes

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