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Sourceforge Site for Debian

People that wonder if Debian could install such a thing, whatever it
would be called, should rest and recall the past.  This refers to all
Debian developers who have a developer status for more than 4 months.

On Nov 26, 2001, Branden Robinson, with his SPI Treasurer Hat on,
posted a mail to debian-admin and debian-private (since it's on
-admin, I am allowed you to tell about it... he he), in which he
informs us about a generous donation in the UK consisting of some five
servers with connectivity.  After a moment of embarrasment the idea
grew to use them as sourceforge like site for Debian.  However,
NOTHING but discussion happend.

Oh... of course... I could be fierce and ask Raphaël, why he didn't
focus on implementing this already...  It's only a little bit more
than three months ago...



PS: The name doesn't matter, call it devel.debian.org to remove any
trademarked name, or call it savannah.debian.org to show the friendship
with the FSF.  We could also use the Savannah-fork of Sourceforge etc.
(we only need to do it...)

The MS-DOS filesystem is nice for removable media.  -- H. Peter Anvin

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