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Question to the candidates about Debian and government

This is from Branden's platform:

> As DPL, I would like to take steps to get Debian's voice heard in the
> halls of government if and where appropriate, so that our ideals -- and
> our means of achieving them -- are not legislated out of existence by
> governments hostile to them (or, more likely, governments that have sold
> sections of their lawbooks to large corporations comfortable with past
> models of intellectual property and its distribution).

To Branden:
Do you feel this should be a function of Debian, SPI or both?  Should this
effort be in cooperation with OSSI [1] or separate from it?  What about
other country's governments? Do you have specific ideas here or is this
just a general notion of what you'd like to do?

To the other candidates: 
Do you have ideas about/interest in these issues?  Is it Debian's role to
play, or someone else's?


[1] http://oss-institute.org/new_what_is.htm

Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
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