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Re: Questions to Candidates

Le Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 07:55:29PM +0100, Jordi Mallach écrivait:
> - In our Leader Elections of 2001, one of the "hot topics" in the Debian
>   world was the proposal to remove the non-free archive. As most of you
>   know, that proposal never got resolved, and it finally ended dying
>   when everyone got bored of the gigantic flamewar.
>   Again, what is your stand about non-free & Debian? Would you push to
>   get a final answer on that debate?

My personal opinion about non-free is that we shouldn't remove
it. Both because it is a service for a small part of our users
and because many software have licenses that are almost free software,
they don't meet the DFSG because of a single criteria and those
software could become DFSG-free with a bit of discussion with the
upstream authors. That's exactly what I did with sympa when I first
packaged it.

I have not planned to relaunch this debate since I'm happy with
the status-quo. However if some people really believe I'm wrong 
and go as far as launching a general resolution to propose the
removal of non-free, I'll make sure the vote is organized so
that we can settle on this issue once for all.

>   What would you do to solve the ambiguities that were found in our
>   Constitution during that debate?

I'm sorry I don't remember what they were. Can you remember us ?

> At the time of those votings, I felt our vote system was broken, as 3
> seconded proposals never got anywhere. I'd like to see this problem
> solved.

In the mean time I launched a General Resolution and it started
fine even if I have withdrawn it. So our "vote system" is not broken
if you care to follow strictly the constitution. Anyway,
I'd make sure that our secretary does its job.

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