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Re: Secret votes HOWTO

>>"Richard" == Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

 Richard> But the name on the final tally is definite proof of how a person
 Richard> voted.  This information is different from (and more sensitive than)
 Richard> a person's claim of how they voted.

	Indeed. And that can be desirable, at times. 

 Richard> One of the reasons that government elections have secret
 Richard> ballots is to prevent intimidation of voters, or buying of
 Richard> votes.

	If intimidation of developers or vote buying is a serious
 issue with a significant section of developers, and this can't be
 resolved, then it is time for the project to die.

 Richard> For the prevention to work, it must not be possible
 Richard> for a person to vote non-anonymously, because if the option
 Richard> exists then the intimidator/buyer can require that it is
 Richard> used.

	You can't prevent this from happening with the hash either. I
 can make you put up your name, and the secret password you used, and
 regenerate the hash to check.

	And I'd just like to see someone try and prevent me from
 publicly announcing my vote.

 Richard> (I don't expect blatant forms of either practice to be a
 Richard> problem in this project,

	Glad to hear that. 

 Richard> but there may be subtler forms involving peer pressure or
 Richard> other personal relationships.) 

	I would hope that developer are mature enough not to fall
 victim to or victimize others on something as petty as a DPL
 vote. Looking at the mailing lists, I would say that people rarely
 are bothered by niceties such as tact, so subtle forms of
 intimidation would be drowned in the noise. 

	Since the has does not prevent intimidation, or requiring that
 you demonstrate that you voted as you say; all it is doing is clouding
 issues, and making it harder for me to be open, and harder for people
 to actually check that the secretary has correctly tabulated my

	Any other technical reasons?

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