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Re: [platform] My little self-pumping/ego-trip/self-righteous speech :)

"So, my intention is to find a way to allow new maintainers in, with less
permissions than we give now, and less hassle ("got a gpg key?", "got a
picture?", "ok, you're on the 'new meat' crew"). This means people who
want to get their feet wet, can, and without them worrying about
breaking things, and without us worrying about them accidentally messing
up, or intentionally destroying. The trick here is to make this as easy
as possible to administrate, and set enough control in place to actually
enforce it. I haven't really gotten all of that hardcoded yet, so I'll
eventually look to all of you for suggestions (not flames, suggestions)."

What's a Ben Collins post on NMs without me replying? Excuse the different address, my Linux machine is down.

What I want to know is, essentially:
  What does "less permissions" mean exactly?

Considering I'm waiting on DAM (well, hopefully, all mail for me is starting to bounce now), this affects me.

I'd also like to point out that the NM queue is ALREADY a pain in the arse. Have you been through it? Obviously not. Try going through it as an unknown, not one of your precious little "senior developers" or people you fast-tracked through, just your average Joe Blow. First, you wait for an AM. Then, they say: "Got a GnuPG key?" "Yes." "Get it signed by a DD." "<insert 3 pages of DFSG & DSC questions here>" "Make 2 or 3 lintian-clean packages and chuck 'em on an apt archive." Then they'll hand you over to the DAM. Excluding the time that my machine's been down (up soon, hopefully), I spent 32 days waiting for DAM approval, not once did I recieve a single email, not even a response to "Please resend anything if you have sent it to me, as I have not recieved anything, thankyou." Suckage.

Would your trojan horse really wait 4 months? I'm starting to get very pissed off and thinking of withdrawing, and I want to be a real^Wnew (the difference being reliability, etc, in Ben Collins's eyes, we're all evil and stupid, remember?) maintainer.

Oops! That bit's wrong! I forgot that you had to get advocated by another DD before you even *think* about doing anything. So, if we actually *do* find this trojan horse, I think we can yell at the advocate and key-signer.

d, who is too tired to replicate his .sig
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