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Re: constitutional voting issues


First off, this is a public apology to Anthony Towns:

I disagreed with your interpretation of the constitution, in your message
with the header:

Message-ID: <20001124100724.A18834@azure.humbug.org.au>

Currently, I think you're right:  that in the case of a circular tie
that isn't an exact tie, the constitution eliminates all options and
the default option wins.  [This means that the section on "Single
Transferrable Vote" is largely meaningless.]

At present, I see my proposal as largely solving a non-problem -- the
present behavior of the constitution is consistent with historical debian
practice: if our preferences are inconsistent we discuss until we find
a resolution.  [However, I do think that we need explicit language which
shows that historical balloting practice -- such as we used in the logo
vote -- is proper.]

On this basis, I'm withdrawing my most recent proposal (which is also
unsponsored) to amend the constitution, which was posted in my message
with the header:

Message-ID: <[🔎] 977281340.f15df9e5@debian.org>

For now, I'm going to wait for Norman Petry's group to come up with
a set of recommendations (and, I hope, a corresponding set of reasons
for those recommendations).  I expect this to take a month or two, and
I hope that we'll be able to settle on some reasonable version of the
constitution within a month or two after that.



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