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constitutional voting issues

To confirm what Joey said in the most recent weekly news, it looks like
we're going to wait for Norman Petry's committee to come up with a set
of recommendations for debian's constitution.  Until the voting system
has been fixed, we should try to avoid voting on controversial issues.

More on what seems reasonable to expect:

It's plausible that Norman's group will come up with a set of
recommendations in a month.  However, they're not obligated to do so,
and it might take longer.

At that point, we'll have a two week minimum discussion period, and if
there's any controversy that's when we'd come up with any amendments.

If there's no controversy, we could then call for a [final] vote, and
in another two weeks we'd (probably) have a fixed constitution.

Because that kind of time lag (two months estimated, and probably no more
than twice that long) seems reasonable, I'm willing to let my most recent
proposal die through lack of interest.  [I'm not withdrawing it yet --
while it does not address all the various issue that Norman's group is
addressing, it's still a valid proposal.  I'll withdraw it when something
better is actually available.]



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