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Re: What next?



>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> writes:

 Raul> Well, no one has sponsored my proposal to amend the constitution.
 Raul> And, no one has issued any other proposals to fix the ambiguities
 Raul> of the constitution.

 Raul> The big question is: what should be done, to advance Manoj+Branden's
 Raul> proposals?

 Raul> I hadn't proposed a full set of constitutional amendments to enable
 Raul> those proposals (trying to keep things simple), and maybe that's why
 Raul> the resounding silence.

	Actually, since I had disconnected during the long debate that
 progressed here, there was a lot of material to cover, and
 digest. And I still think I would not be able to defend the method to
 someone uninitiated; I need to go look for the papers on the voting
 methods to be sure of my footing on this.

	However, I am willing to trust Raul and AJ to have researched
 the underlying method, and the language is clean and understandable,
 and thus I am willing to be a second for this proposal.

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