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Re: An ammendment (Re: Formal CFV: General Resolution to Abolish Non-Free)

> FWIW they seem to have done a good job of packaging and maintaining
> the Gnome stuff.  It'd be nice to see someone from Helix officially
> maintaining our Gnome packages (or have them liaise with the current
> Debian maintainer(s) of those packages).
> I agree that I'm not really sure what value we'd add by mirroring
> other peoples' debs.  Far better to maintain this "add-ons" system
> using the existing practices and procedures for main.

Humm. What I meant was simply having a place that would allow other
groups to put their collection of debs in with the "rest of debian".
Now, I don't mean main or contrib or non-free. I mean just parallel to
the main debian distribution. Like, maybe under dists we could have a
directory called other which could have a helix directory, and so on.
The value we have added is that we have allowed/encouraged (whatever)
these groups of debs to be more of a part of debian.

Frankly, we should REALLY REALLY appreciate it when a project goes as
far to produce debs (especially nice debs, like the helix people) for
their software...and not just rpms. What I am suggesting is just a way
to encourage that even more.

We could, for example, have some option in the debian/package install 
process to choose among the "standard" install options. This would be so
that individuals wouldn't have to go find where the Helix people are
putting their debs and go add a line to apt.sources, or whatever. This
would make it more obvious and a lot easier for people to get quality
debs from other sources.

Anyways, enought from me.

Paul J Thompson

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