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Re: Formal CFV: General Resolution to Abolish Non-Free

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I read and approved the following proposed resolution.

I'm willing to second it, so that its CFV may be issued.

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Ciao, Davide G. M. Salvetti

***** JG => John Goerzen

JG> Debian General Resolution

JG> Resolved:

JG> A. That the Debian Social Contract with the Free Software Community be
JG> amended as follows:

JG> 1. That text of Section 5 be modified to read: "We acknowledge that
JG> some of our users require the use of programs that don't conform to
JG> the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  While we will not distribute
JG> such software itself, we have created areas in our archive for
JG> packages that help install or otherwise requre this software.  The
JG> software in these areas is not part of the Debian system, although
JG> it has been configured for use with Debian."  The title of
JG> Section 5 shall be modified to read: "We will support users of our
JG> system who develop or run non-free software."

JG> 2. That Section 1 be amended such that the final sentence reads: "We
JG> will neither distribute nor make the system depend upon an item of
JG> non-free software."

JG> B. That the non-free areas be removed from current Debian archives,
JG> and that all packages so placed there in accordance with the
JG> definition in Policy section 2.1.4 be removed from the Distribution
JG> and archives.  The introduction into the Debian Distribution or the
JG> Debian archives of any package meeting the non-free definition in
JG> Policy section 2.1.4, or failing the Debian Free Software Guidelines,
JG> shall be forbidden.

JG> C. That the maintainer of the Debian Policy Manual, or an appointee of
JG> the Debian Project Leader, be directed to update that manual
JG> respective of the changes to the Project and general Project policy
JG> detailed in sections A and B above.

JG> D. That the maintainers of the Debian archives and website, or an
JG> appointee of the Debian Project Leader, be directed to implement the
JG> changes to the Debian archives and website to reflect the changes to
JG> Debian enacted by the foregoing clauses in this Resolution.

JG> E. That the disposition of the non-free areas in historical, released,
JG> and frozen Debian Distrubutions and archives shall be determined per
JG> the Debian Constitution.
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