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Re: Formal CFV: General Resolution to Abolish Non-Free

I suppose it's important to point out that I, as secretary, havn't seen any
sponsorships.  The archives for debian-vote show only the proposal and one
objection and this email.  Note, the webpage doesn't seem to have been
updated yet but the real archive is at /debian2/web/lists on master.

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 03:36:19PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 11:03:33PM -0500, John Goerzen wrote:
> > 
> > Having met the requirement for introduction, this is a formal call for
> > votes as per section 4.2.1 of the Debian Constitution.
> Only the project secretary can call for votes, see appendix A.
Not so.. the call for vote can only come from the proposer or one of the
sponsors. (A.2.1)

> Other procedural matters:
> I'm also weirded out by the last sentence of A.3.1: ``No quorum is
> required for an ammendment''. What does this mean? If I propose and gain
> seconds for an ammendment to John's resolution, do I not need anyone else
> to vote for it to succeed, whereas John would? Or does it only apply to
> the "Which form will the resolution take?" vote, and not the "Shall it
> be resolved that... [Yes] [No]" vote?
A.6.8 states (sic) that if no quorum is required it means a simple majority
(effectivly a quorum of 1) is needed.

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