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Re: Leader Election 2000

On 25-Feb-2000 Ben Collins wrote:
>>              - Why would you be a better DPL than Wichert?
> I don't think I will be "better", I'll just be very "different" :P
> PS: I hope this was confrontational enough. I know how everyone feeds on
> flames and self-centered opinions. Maybe we should take Wichert's
> suggestion and just all four of the candidates meet at a bar and start
> drinking. Last one standing (or atleast sitting, or at a very minimum,
> holding up the table), wins the election. We could even call it "DPL fest
> 2000" :)

as a warning, don't let the drink be beer, Wichert has an uncanny ability to
not be obviously drunk.  In New York I was actually trying to get hammered, and
eventually did (-: but I never really saw Wichert off his kilter.

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