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Debian Leadership Debate


As you may know the Debian project democratically elects its Project
Leader periodically once each year. The time has come again for the
Project to elect a leader for the 2000/2001 term!

The four candidates this year are:
  Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>  (Current leader)
  Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>
  Joel Klecker <espy@debian.org>
  Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org>

In order to help clarifiy the candidates positions and platforms we will
be putting on an IRC Debate for the candiates to debate important topics
regarding the distribution.

Although the Debate itself will be moderated, and the topics have been
preselected, there will be a period after the debate when the candidates
will answer questions from the crowd. 

Thus, we are cordially inviting members of the linux 'press' community to
participate in the question period, and ask things that have relelvence to
the greater Open Source community.

However, I am asking that this *NOT* be pre-announced on news sites,
primarily due to the disapointing skript kiddie attacks that hampered the
recent Bruce Perens IRC interview. After the debate is complete we will be
creating an HTMLized transcript.

If you would like to ask a question but are not able to participate in the
Debate please email me at jgg-debate@wakko.deltatee.com and I will try to
ensure that it is asked.

The time will be Tuesday, Feb. 15 at:
  6am +1100     (sorry .au folks)
  8pm  +100
  7pm   000
  2pm  -500
  1pm  -600
 12pm  -700
 11am  -800

On irc.debian.org (the candidates will be using the irc.linux.com server
on the openprojects network) in the channel #debian-debate.

Rob Levin from Linux Care will be moderating the debate.

Coordinator, Debian DPL Debate

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