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Re: Leadership Debates

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Once again, I'd like to see a Leadership Debate this year on IRC between
> the 4 candidates. Rob Levin from Linux Care has graciously indicated that
> he would like to moderate and I will coordinate a time and the format. I'm
> hoping to do this sometime after LWE, in 1 week I think. 

Good idea!

>   2) The live debate will consist of several pre-decided questions that
>      the candidates can debate - they may also touch on these questions in
>      #1 [does anyone have a suggestion for the exact format this will
>      take?]
> I'd also like it if people can start thinking about some hard questions
> that are worth the leadership candidates debating. If we can't find any
> then perhaps just ditch #2.

"What specifically do you plan to do to cause new-maintainer to reopen
_soon_? What should be done in the long-term to prevent this type of
problem from reocurring?"

see shy jo

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