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Leadership Debates

Hi all,

Once again, I'd like to see a Leadership Debate this year on IRC between
the 4 candidates. Rob Levin from Linux Care has graciously indicated that
he would like to moderate and I will coordinate a time and the format. I'm
hoping to do this sometime after LWE, in 1 week I think. 

I would like to know the timezone offsets for the 4 candiates and what
time is good to be on IRC for them. Joel, Ben and Wichert already seem
quite able to meet simultaneously at multiple times so Matthew will likely
be deciding factor for Time of Day.

The format I propose contains 3 elements:
  1) The leaders will make a 'prepared speech' to this list. This would
     outline their positions and platforms
  2) The live debate will consist of several pre-decided questions that
     the candidates can debate - they may also touch on these questions in
     #1 [does anyone have a suggestion for the exact format this will
  3) The final element will be an open forum for questions from the

Rob Levin will moderate #2 and #3, as well as provide the IRC network
(openprojects) and the necessary IRC magic. 

A transcript of the session will be made available for anyone who could
not attend.

I'd also like it if people can start thinking about some hard questions
that are worth the leadership candidates debating. If we can't find any
then perhaps just ditch #2.


PS. Matthew, if you have never IRC'd before, get some practice in - lets
try to advoid the problems the Bruce Interview had.

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