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DPL Nomination, part 2

My current term as project leader is almost but and elections are close,
so I guess it's time for people to send out long boring emails about
why they want to be project leader.. and I feel compelled to join them :)

I've been doing this for almost a year now, and it has been a very
interesting experience. I have learned a lot in various areas and I think
that with that experience I would make a good candidate for the position of
DPL. So with this mail I declare my candidacy for the position of DPL for
the next year.

And now for the obligatory background: I'm currently a 24 year old male
human (and don't plan on changing that either :). I'm dividing my time
between finishing up my MSc in Computer Science at Leiden University,
working as developer for Cistron, the occasional Debian activity and
enjoying the real world. I'm the current upstream maintainer of dpkg and
strace, and maintain a whole set of other Debian packages as well (see
www.debian.org for the complete list). I'm also a member of the Debian
security team, a couple of advisory boards, and have been the DPL for
almost a year now. I'll stop now before everyone gets too bored and stops
reading ;)


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