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DPL Nomination (read, suicidal tendencies)

Well here goes, another year, another election. After last year most would
think I wouldn't even step near this election, but hey, I like pain :)

Some of you might remember from the last election that I was pretty straight
forward with a lot of my views, sometimes even pretty harsh in exspressing
them. Well this year is no different :)

To start off, for those that do not know me, I have been a maintainer for
around 15 months now. Currently I maintain such packages as PAM, Shadow
(login, and passwd), OpenLDAP (libopenldap and openldapd), and some smaller
related packages. I also contribute a lot of time to the sparc port by
running the autobuilder and accompanying systems at Kachina Technologies.
This involves a lot of bug reporting and development (to locate and fix the
problems in failed builds).

Since this topic comes up quite a bit in elections, here is some personal
background. I am 27, will be married for 5 years this May. I have a 3 year
old son, and my wife and I are expecting a girl(hopefully :) in August.
Currently I am the Directory Services Engineer at Winstar
(telecommunications company). I just started this job last week, and it
promises to give me a lot of opportunities to advocate Linux, not only
internally (Linux already has a strong foothold here), but to other large
companies that Winstar interacts with.

I will make a few statements later concerning my "platform" (bah, I hate the
sound of that :P ) Basically just some ideas on what I think should be the
focus of the upcoming year, and how we can get there. For now, let's just
see who comes out of the wood work to follow this nomination :)


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