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Re: Proposed change to Debian constitution

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > If you don't like the fact that the Delegates have chosen to close
> > new-maintainer, and are too lazy to actually get off your arse to do
> > the job yourself but not too lazy to make a fuss, then you can use
> [...]
> But the number of people who volunteered to join the NM team was
> substantial, and yet all were turned down by the then team.  However,
> I think feelings within the project and probably the project itself
> would have been far more badly hurt by resorting to a vote than by
> waiting for the NM system to collapse, as we ended up doing.

Well, maybe because all but 1 people tried to help technically
instead of working on the issue on the proper stage. (sorry, can't
express it like I want).



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