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Re: Logo swap vote is bogus

> There was discussion of swapping the official and unofficial images
> for a number of submissions to both the Gimp contest and the logo
> vote.  Not just the swirl.  Many people said, "what if I like <X>, but
> want them swapped?"  It's an idea that's been in the air the whole
> time.  I have no idea how you managed to avoid hearing about it until
> Branden's proposal.

Ah OK.

Sounds like that was during the period that I was REALLY busy with other 
things, so you are right, I wasn't paying attention to logo matters back when 
the gimp competition was on.

Sorry about that. I'm not normally as stroppy as this thread might have read.
I think I've probably not been getting enough sleep of late.

I guess democracy in Debian just winds me up.  I tend to think of it as a way of finding out what the people who like voting, felt like voting for at a random moment  --- so not terribly useful in the general case.

Unfortunately, there are some issues where we seem to have to resort to this (like now) but the fewer votes we have the happier I'll be.

Cheers, Phil.
Time for bed said Zebedee.  Bdoing!

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