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Re: Ad hoc and spontaneous voting

>>"Wichert" == Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@cs.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

 Wichert> Your first and second point seem to be basically the same: you
 Wichert> think the current method is not visible enough. There are currently
 Wichert> no rules or guidelines that state how exactly proposals, seconds
 Wichert> and cfv's should be made. 

 Wichert> Can you think of a set of simple guidelines for this? Most people
 Wichert> so far seem to want us to spam every possible debian list with
 Wichert> this information, but I feel that is a very bad solution.

  a) All general resolutions must start with an announcement to
     debian-devel-announce and debian-devel, with foolow ups
     redirected to -devel. 
  b) The announcement should be generally labeled as being general
     resolutions, including, but not limited to, a subject tag, like
  c) The call for votes should be submitted to -devel and -vote, after
     the discussion period is over and a final form of the resolution
     is available, along with any amendments, etc, which have recieved
     adequate number of seconds.
  d) The call for votes should contain the full text of the proposed
     resolution and amendments, along with the names of the proposer
     and seconds.

        The following are just proposals
  e) We may create a virtual package so that we can use the BTS to
     track the progress and status of the all current resolutions. The
     initial proposal, any amendments, and the final form and ballot
     should all be CC'd to the bug report (the intervening discussions
     need not be).
  f) Mandate a pre prosal, or require that there have been a period of
     discussion prior to calling for a general resolution. Include a
     rationale in the initial proposal that details when the
     discussions were held, and why we think a resolution is required

 >> Thirdly, I wouldrather we not turn everything automatically
 >> into a general resolution from the word go. Set up a floater, or
 >> something, and let people chew it out a bit.

 Wichert> It hasn't been possible for long now to use general
 Wichert> resolutions, I think we need some more experience with them
 Wichert> to see for what they are fit and what can better be decided
 Wichert> using other means.

        By all means, let us get experience. But technical issues are
 rarely a matter of opinion, and should not be decided by popularity,
 and thus we already know there are limitations on what can be decided
 by this method.

        I think it is reasonable not to put everything under the sun
 as a general resolution. We already have a means of creating
 non-controversial policy without the onerous general resolution

        Two US legilatures came close to deciding that the value of PI
 should be exactly 3.14, by majority vote. I just present that
 as anecdotal argument that the majority is not always right

        All I wasnted was a modicum of restraint in invoking this
 shiny new tool. I think the resolution protocol should not be invoked
 unless it is know that there is little consensus, but there may be a
 broad support for the proposal, and that at least some people think
 that this is a subject that can and should be decided by majority
 vote, and thus override the minority view totally.

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