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Re: Logo swap vote is bogus

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

> You went on on to say two other things:

>   1) the logo swap was aired during the vote.
>   2) the Modified swirl lost, so should be discounted

> Where was the swap discussed?

On -devel.  (I wasn't even subscribed to -vote until last night.)

>  Would that also be the hiding place that was found for the definition of 
> ``Modified Swirl'' ?

I don't know -- I didn't vote for any logos.  I'm not even sure what
all the candidates were.  I know nothing about "Modified Swirl" except
that I noticed the name on the ballot, before I deleted the ballot.

You, sir, have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.  I honestly
*do* *not* *care* *what* *the* *logo* *is*!  It could be a steaming
pile of dog faeces, and that would be fine with me.  I'd like to have
a graphic I can put on my web page someday, to show my affiliation
with Debian.  That's pretty much the sum total of my interest.

Now that we've actually picked a pair of logos, I've looked at the
winners, and I have a mild preference for the swirl, so I'm mildly in
favor of the swap.  Aside from that, the only reason I'm in this
debate is that I'm am appalled and disgusted that someone seems to be
trying to drag this out even further.

My heart bleeds for you that you made a bunch of t-shirts.  I paid at
least enough attention to realize that there might be a proposal for a
swap, so I haven't done anything with my web page yet.  If you paid
more attention, you might not have jumped the gun either.

> Is anyone else feeling just a little disenfranchised here?

What on earth are you talking about?  It's not like it was hard to
find this info.  I wasn't subscribed to -vote, I only skim -devel and
-private -- the only lists that I read carefully all the time are
-devel-announce and -news.  Yet somehow, I, a disinterested skimmer,
managed to find all this information that you, who care so
passionately and deeply about all this, managed to overlook?  Is it a
matter of being "disenfranchised," or just NOT PAYING ATTENTION?

> I've had a couple of mails today from people who were unaware that a
> vote was on, until I started making waves on -devel.  This really
> isn't good.

I really don't know what to say about that.  If they pay less
attention to what's going on than *I* do, then I guess they must
*really* not care!

> Swirl had pretty much won when I voted IIRC

Don't care.  As I said, I didn't even bother to vote on the logos.  I
don't need an in-depth analysis of your thought processes while you
agonized over these complex aesthetic and moral decisions.  I just
think it would be nice to have an image to stick on my pathetic little
web page, and then I'll get back to coding.

[paranoid ramblings elided]

> Is this the hidden agenda that I was smelling ?

The truth is out there, dude.  Probably the Evil Cabal at work again.
Just don't ask me, 'k?  I'm just here to write code.
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