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Re: Logo swap vote is bogus

Chris Waters <xtifr@dsp.net>:
> On -vote yes, because most of the seconders had already posted
> comments on -devel.  All the discussion seems to have been on -devel,
> in fact.  (You'll have to check the archives on master if you don't
> believe me, because the stuff on the web page is woefully behind.)

OK, it looks like a mail SNAFU and the web pages being behind, have conspired 
to ensure that I didn't see that.

I'll leave you with a fairly simple question:

  I like the swirl logo, and want it to be widely used.
  I don't like the bottle logo, and don't want it as our official logo.

  How should I vote ?

Can we expect the logo4 vote to be about getting rid of the bottle ?

Cheers, Phil.
P.S.  Just in case anyone's interested in where I've been coming from,
a few of clarifications:

on my initial suggestion that we open up the vote for swirl alternatives:

  I was actually after an opportunity to vote for ``Modified Swirl'',
  but didn't want to limit it to that if someone managed to come up with an
  even better idea --- if there's a better idea, we should use it.

  Raul has since done a version with the word ``official'' added, and I
  think it looks pretty good.

on my problems with the legitimacy of the current vote:

  It relies on the authority of the previous votes for it's selection
  of the two logos, but it rejects the authority of the previous logo
  vote, by effectively implementing the important bit of Modified Swirl
  (which lost last time).  Either the previous votes were valid, in which
  case their decision should stand, or they were flawed, in which case we
  should have a chance to determine the extent of the flaw, and fix it.

on the assumption that I want to discuss it ad infinitum:

  I'd rather that we made sure that there was no room for anyone to claim that
  there is something wrong with this vote, so that the discussion gets settled
  once and for all.  We're already voting once more than we should have been.

on the reasons for starting this:
  I guessed that people wanted to use the swirl for general use, and were
  likely to vote for any proposal that allowed that.  If that's the case,
  we should have a vote that offers all the alternative ways of achieving
  that aim:

    1)  Swap the logos
    2)  Drop the duel license idea
    3)  Use the ``Modified Swirl'' suggestion
    4)  leave it as it is
    5)  Further discussion

  As It happens, this vote is struggling to reach a quorum, so maybe I
  was wrong about my guess.  Either way, this vote does little to tell us if
  people actually like the bottle logo, and I don't think the previous two
  votes told us this either.

  I should have said all this prior to the start of voting,
  but I was busy -- sorry.

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