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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

On Thu, Jun 24, 1999 at 11:08:22AM +0900, Ionutz Borcoman wrote:
> Contrib shouldn't go in main for a very simple reason: all those
> packages will not install because of missing dependencies.

This is not true. (Would people please stop saying this!) Contrib
contains software that has some dependency on non-free items. The
dependencies are not all .deb pkg dependencies. There are even items
in there due to an apparent dependency on non-us (this makes little
sense now that non-us has been split).

I personally, would much prefer what you believe to be the definition
of contrib to be the real definition of contrib (pkg dependencies),
purely on the grounds of simplicity. If this were the case, a large
number of packages would then belong to main instead of contrib.


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