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Re: deregulate/purge "non-free"; merge "contrib" & "main"

On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Darren O. Benham wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 02:06:27PM -0400, Will Lowe wrote:
> > Here's my reasoning:
> > 
> > 	Nonfree stuff isn't part of Debian(tm), and never can be.  The
> > current scheme allows _only_ Debian developers to create packages for
> > non-free,  which lends an aura of officialness.  Take non-free completely
> The non-free packages *are* packaged to Debian's high standard and *are*
> managable through the BTS.  This is also good for Debian as it tries to
> fulfill it's promise to support users who choose to use non-free software.
> An area that stores OTHER deb uploads that don't meet Debian's policy is
> not a bad idea... doing away with any are for non-free debs that are
> packaged from WITHIN the project is not a good thing, I think.
> > 	The stuff in contrib, IMO, belongs in Main.  The GPL says nothing
> GPL might not.. but the GPL isn't our litmus test.  It's the DFSG.

The DFSG is a _licensing_ guildeline and says nothing about functionality.
The DFSG _does_ allow a warranty disclaimer, doesn't it?

The issue of what goes into main has always been an issue of the license,
not local laws, or the degree to which the product is bug free. Trying to
keep contrib packages out of main just because they don't work is bringing
in issues not related to licensing freeness.


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