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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 03:17:50AM -0500, R. Brock Lynn wrote:

> >     I. Create a new host, nonfree.debian.org and move non-free and
> >     contrib there and ask our mirrors if they can consider also
> >     mirroring that.
> That wouldn't be too much of a problem for the mirror admins huh?
> But when they mirror it, they'll probably end up aggregating all the
> parts, main, contrib, and non-free, (and non-us if their laws allow
> it) onto the same mirror host that they administer... But at least
> the message would be clear that the "official" debian master ftp
> sites will be separate. That is a good message. It means yes, main
> is all you will ever need to run Debian, it does not depend on
> anything that is non-free, but we also provide non-free stuff as
> well, as we know that not all the free software will fill your
> needs, so we still provide a mechanism where we allow packaging of
> non-free tools and apps etc. for integrated use on Debian systems,
> but as you can see it is not our main focus, as we have relegated
> non-free software to a completely different server.

> That's a good message. Because as we all (or most at least) know,
> free software is just plain better. [:=)

I don't think that's an accurate statement, and I don't think even the
FSF has ever said this.  I think their point is that free software is
morally 'better', and for this reason will use it exclusively
regardless of quality.  If the quality is lower than some piece of
non-free software, then they will work to improve it.

In effect, often times it ends up being better, but only due to the
hard work of what tends to be a small group of people.  It doesn't
just get that way by magic.

If you go around saying that free software is 'just better', you give
people false ideas, in my opinion.

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