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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

    The social contract has as the very first item `Debian Will Remain 100%
    Free Software'. So we need to do something to make once again clear
    to everyone exactly what Debian is and show more clearly what we don't
    consider to be free.

Hear, hear!

    I. Create a new host, nonfree.debian.org and move non-free and contrib
       there and ask our mirrors if they can consider also mirroring that.

This is better, because it gives the non-free packages
a peripheral status, and draws people's attention primarily
to the official Debian system.

    II. Create a new host, official.debian.org and copy main there and use
       that consistantly when we refer to the Debian distribution.

This is not as good, because people would have a tendency to forget about
the "official." and the message would therefore tend to get lost.  But
it would still be an improvement compared with the present situation.
better than the way things are now.

    The ballot will contain the options:

    1) create nonfree.debian.org domain
    2) create official.debian.org domain
    3) keep the current situation

This way of holding the vote would tend to split the support for
change.  I worry that 100 people might vote for 1, 100 people might vote
for 2, while 110 people might vote for 3--and 3 would win.

I suspect that most of the people who prefer 1 would consider 2 better
than 3, and most of the people who prefer 2 would consider 1 better
than 3.  So I think it is better to vote for three alternatives:

* Split the servers.  (Precisely how, to be determined later.)
* Don't split the servers.
* Further discussion.

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