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README.Why_non-free (Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org )

I lost track of who said what...

> > > And perhaps, the README.Debian should be mandatory to
> > > contain a brief explanation why this package is considered
> > > non-free (often it is obvious, but often it is not,
> > > especially for those new to the world of free software)
> > I think this is a good idea, regardless of what we do with
> > the archive...  it's a -policy issue.
> I agree with this as well, however there are people like Manoj among us who
> consider this giving out legal advice.

Without giving legal advice, the package was put into non-free
for a reason, right?  State the reason.

I wouldn't put it in README.Debian.  I'd put it in a mandatory
new file for non-free packages called README.Why_non-free
(contrib packages could have README.Why_contrib).

I could then easily find all non-free packages on my system by

$ locate README.Why_non-free


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