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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

Giuliano Procida wrote:

> > Why don't we just get rid of the 'contrib' distinction altogether
> > and put it all in main then? Why penalize it like that too?
> I nearly suggested this as well in my last mail, however, it would
> really really piss off the people who opposed ICQ clients in main.

Oops! I was being a bit of an arse, and stating that, trying to get "farce"
value. I actually like the current setup, having a pristine totally "pure", if
you will, 'main', whose components are totally self sufficient on themselves and
nothing else that is less than "free". Then you have 'contrib', that holds all
free, in of themselves, packages, but that depend on non-free stuff to work,
then you have 'non-free' for well non free packages, and then non-us for strong

But wouldn't a better name than 'contrib' be in order for the purpose it serves?
for example? 'hostage' ;) i.e. we are free, but are captured by foreign non-free
stuff... until free compatible replacements are found?

and for 'non-us' I guess that's ok, as later on, there may be other restricted
stuff besides just crypto... who knows...

So why not:

hostage [instead of contrib]

??? ;^)

Then perhaps make 'contrib' more like the *gasp* 'contrib' of red hat, for
non-official contributed .debs made by non-official debian developers... i.e.
they don't want the full fledged debian developer status, but just want to
contribute a particular version of an app. Or perhaps for those waiting for
debian developer status, etc. and I'd keep those on the secondary server too.

main.debian.org     ['main' only]

allother.debian.org ['contrib', 'non-free', 'non-us' (sometimes), 'hostage'???
(just had to throw it in... ;]

/me just causes way too much trouble for his own good...

Just food for thought though... (yet another 2 cents... the way I'm going on
this, Debian will owe me a fortune in thoughts)


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