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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

Sven LUTHER wrote:

> > Because it's useless without non-free.
> Ok, i understand, but still it is DFSG compliant no ? why then
> penalize it and move it away from main into some server that will
> matbe not be mirrored everywhere ?

Why don't we just get rid of the 'contrib' distinction altogether and put it all
in main then? Why penalize it like that too?

> What is the true need to remove non-free, apart from the political
> one, that is ?

None. It's simply to make a statement. At least that's how I interpreted
Wichert's original email.

And that's good 'nuff for me. It's a good thing to do, it it doesn't cause too
much technical and infrastructure problems in the implementation. From the
User's point of view it will be almost totally transparent... they just have a
different /etc/apt/sources.list with the two split servers listed. It is mostly
a headache for developers and mirror admins.

> and what about all the debian developper who maintain non-free or
> contrib packages ? Will the upload and such process be complicated by
> the new setup ? Will the non-free maintainer become second zone debian
> developpers ?

I doubt it. I'd still be happy as a lark to package up non-free stuff. Perhaps
you can still upload it to the same site, but then it would automatically get
transferred to the appropriate place based on where you put it in incoming,
whether it was meant for main or other.

It's just a political message to the rest of the world that Debian is so
committed to free software, that we want to keep only the free stuff together on
one master ftp server, and call it whole. :) Then you can also have contrib and
non-free stuff ALSO! It takes two ftp servers to get all the stuff from
Debian... WOO!

I don't think any more of a stigma than already exists for packagers wanting to
package non-free stuff. You just have one extra hoop to jump through is all, if
that... and if the process is automated a little bit, i.e. developers upload
non-free and contrib to one main incoming site, and then it gets redistributed
to the appropriate server as it's sorted, once that level of automation is
implemented (maybe perl would be good here. :) then it'd pose literally no
additional headache to possible non-free packagers.


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