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Re: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

On Jun 22, Chris Waters wrote:
> Shane King <thandor@donut.dhis.org> writes:
> > The pragmatic approach is just as hypocritical, if not more so. You've
> > basically said it's ok for debian to be pragmatic while telling the users
> > they should not be pragmatic and instead rely on only software which
> > conforms to the DFSG. That is hypocricy, pure and simple.
> Oh COME ON people!  We already have the contrib and non-free in a
> separate tree.  Moving it to a separate host will not make it ONE BIT
> harder to find or install.  Claiming that this change will force users
> to rely on "only" DFSG-compliant software is sheer hyberbole!  Buy a
> clue!

I thought the intent of the proposal *was* to make non-free software
harder to find... or at least harder to confuse with main.

(Also, could we keep this discussion on debian-vote, please!)

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