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Re: [PROPOSED] Swap the "open" and "official" versions of the new logo

raul wrote:
> I would like to make a list of what is required for now, so far:
> * Gifs for downloading from the Debian site
> * "Netscape Now" like buttons
> * 64X64 icons (Can someone please elaborate on this one and please
> provide some samples)
> Before I go ahead and make all these items I would like to see a final
> decission on which will be the official and general.
> There will likely be a need for making new graphics for the site later on
> (I will be more than happy to assist with this to the extend you need me
> to) as well as other items (more than one person has expressed interest
> in artwork for t-shirts)
> PS: I have put up some preliminary buttons at:
> http://devel.onShore.com/raultemp/buttons/

What do you think on animating those gifs ?

- if it is the simple one, make the smoke rotate, like water going
through a hole
- if it is the one with the botle, make the smoke apear from the botle
or move above the botle

Just some thoughts :-)

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