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Re: Volatile Going Away?


2011/1/27 Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org>:
> The volatile functionality will be provided by squeeze-updates instead.

I think "squeeze-updates" is more appropriate than "-volatile" as the
target for accepted uploads to "squeeze-proposed-updates". I think
this is not only a cosmetic change, but also one that will allow you
to overcome the situations like the one from Debian 5.0 regarding the
upload of spamassassin via volatile for 2010 new year change.

However, I see that "testing-updates" was not created as an alias to
"squeeze-updates" the same way "testing-proposed-updates" is an alias
to "squeeze-proposed-updates". This should not be done right now, but
it should be done (probably by FTP team) during the "testing" ->
"stable" transition next week when Debian 6.0 will be released.


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