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Re: volatile Suitability for Protocol Updates

Prescript: CCs to me are no longer necessary. I'm subscribed to
-volatile now. Thanks, Peter, for doing so.

Quoting Peter Pentchev on 2010-01-18 03:53:56:
> IMHO, the backports archive would be a better choice for this.

from what you explain later on in your reply, I'm more heavily leaning
toward backports vs volatile.

> And yes, it was mentioned in the -user thread, including by yourself,
> if I'm not mistaken :)

You're not mistaken. I still have the thread somewhere.

> Again IMHO, this only applies to programs that are made non-functional
> on a daily or weekly basis,

Of course, the breakages which inspired me to start this thread in the
first place don't occur that often, again giving backing to the
backports route.

> "functional" including "useful" :)  That is, a virus scanning engine
> with definitons two months old on a busy mail server is still, well,
> "functional" in that it will process e-mail messages coming through

Good luck keeping your end users protected with ancient AV definitions
:) (and in my world, 72 hours is 'ancient' for AV defs.). This
definitely is something I see use in volatile for.

On second reading of d.o/volatile, I notice that AV is in fact mentioned

> Okay, so it may be a question of wording; I wonder if mentioning
> "useful" or some similar description somewhere in that paragraph would
> be... useful :)

I can't think of a proper way to state it better so as to avoid
questions like mine in the future, though if I do come up with a way to
reword things, what would be the best way to submit my corrections? I
don't see a place to grab the document source, if any,[1] so probably a
diff (context or unified?) against the HTML posted to the list?

[1] I'm assuming that the HTML /is/ the source, seeing as I can't find
a related DebianDoc/DocBook document.

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