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tzdata in Etch and Lenny


I've uploaded new versions of tzdata for etch and lenny, I forgot that
I had to mail you to get them accepted, so, please do accept them
ASAP.  This should have happened BEFORE yesterday :(, I'm really
frustrated at myself for not pushing this on time.

Here's the VUA for the announcement.  I couldn't find the last VUA, so
I left XX as the number.

Debian Volatile Update Announcement VUA XX-1     http://volatile.debian.org
debian-volatile@...                              Margarita Manterola
October 19th, 2009

Package              : tzdata
Versions             : 2009g-0etch1.1, 2009l-0lenny1.1
Importance           : low
CVE IDs              : -

The tzdata package in etch does not contain up-to-date timezone
information for Argentina, due to the sudden decision on suspending
the start of daylight saving time nationwide.

For etch, an updated tzdata package is available in etch/volatile
as version 2009g-0etch1.1, and for lenny the updated tzdata package is
available in lenny/volatile as version 2009l-0lenny1.1, these patches
will also be included in the next point releases.

We recommend that you update your system.


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