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upgrading clamav-milter to 0.95 from etch-volatile

I'm upgrading ClamAV from 0.94 to 0.95 from the etch-volatile repository, and having a couple of problems with getting everything configured correctly for clamav-milter.

This box is running Debian Etch and sendmail 8.13.8-3.

One problem that I'm having:  In the underlying rework of code, where command-line parameters for clamav-milter have been reduced to just three (help, version and location of alternate config file), I'm having problems with the startup script in /etc/init.d/clamav-milter.  Specifically, when I try to start clamav-milter, I get an error complaining that specification of --pidfile is not recognized.

I can hack the script to take out the specification of the pidfile, and then clamav-milter starts OK, but it's odd to me that the script would be using a parameter that is deprecated.

Is this something that's peculiar to the implementation in volatile?  And is there a better work-around than just hacking the script?

I also notice that in the Ubuntu version of 0.95, there is similar behavior, and that it's been reported as a bug:



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