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Re: [VUA 45-1] Discontinuing clamav-data support for "plain" etch

On 11.05.08 11:08, Ben Finney wrote:
> However, the instructions on <URL:http://www.debian.org/volatile/>
> don't mention 'etch-volatile' at all, and explicitly instruct 'etch'
> users to set 'etch/volatile' as the distribution in 'sources.list'
> records. I currently have that, and (as announced above) it's no
> longer getting 'clamav-data' updates.

the "Archive" section describes how to configure volatile. Maybe It should
be renamed to "How to use volatile?" to emphasize what id describes and
moved after "What is volatile?" section

> Can that page please be updated to show how this 'etch-volatile'
> should be configured?
> In the meantime, what should I be setting in my
> '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/volatile.debian.net.list' to enable
> 'etch-volatile' updates to hosts running 'etch'?

please read that section again and tell us what exactly you don't understand

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